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Accident Attorney Association® A National Network of Attorneys

Settling Cases Successfully

The Accident Attorney Association® is a network of Law Firms from around the USA who have been serving clients since the 1980’s. The attorneys at the Accident Attorney Association® help clients to process and recover their accident claims. This network of local accident attorneys across the USA are banded together for the purpose of helping accident victims. Through our association participating law firms are able to serve accident victims in their local vicinity.


J. Owen Murrin - Personal injury lawyer

The Accident Attorney Association® began in Minneapolis, Minnesota when the founding attorney J. Owen Murrin, Esq opened his practice and began advertising his services through 1-800-Accident. After many years of successful service, Mr. Murrin moved to California (his home and birthplace) to continue practicing law. He developed a network of qualified attorneys around the USA who specialize in helping accident victims obtain the best result by processing, settling, or trying their accident cases.

This Network of attorneys, all using the 800-ACCIDENT registered trademark, has been working hard to bring reward and closure for accident victims around the country. The federally registered trademarks have been used throughout the USA since 1983. The federally registered trademarks are owned collectively by Attorney John Murrin, Wayne Smolda and M & S Telecommunications of America.

We are the 1-800-ACCIDENT® attorneys and referral organization. Our attorneys work hard to bring a positive outcome for you.
Call 1-800-ACCIDENT® (800-222-4336) and the Accident Attorneys Association® lawyers can get started to get you the best result today.
1-800-Accident® and related marks are trademarks under the Federal regulations.

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